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tv   Newsline  NHK World  July 5, 2014 8:00am-8:11am JST

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hello. you are watching "newsline." leaders in tokyo are keeping a close eye on north korea's probe into its abductions of japanese nationals. they may send officials to check on the investigation. leaders announced they had formed a special committee. they will investigate the fate of abductees and other missing japanese thought to be in north korea. the country's envoy said they have authority to investigate
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all government institutions. the japanese government responded by lifting some of its sanctions. leaders will keep a close watch on the investigation. they are expecting the norm koreans to issue their first report in late summer or early fall. they will establish communication channels with north korea and consider whether to send a team to interview sources and visit relevant locations. iraqi's prime minister is vowing to seek a third term in power. some iraqis blame maliki for allowing sunnis to gain ground across the country. militants and government forces have been fighting since last month. troops are trying to retake tikrit. insurgents are fighting back. the battle has reached a stalemate. both groups accuse maliki of
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making the confrontation worse by favoring shias. he issued a statement on state tv. he said he will never give up his candidacy for the post of prime minister. the first session of iraq's new parliament would adjourn hours into its first session. members couldn't agree on hour to form a government. clafshz are erupted in east jerusalem between israeli security forces and people taking part in a funeral for a palestinian boy. the teen is believed to have been killed in retaliation for the kidnappings and murders of three israeli teenagers. it has raised tensions among israel liz and palestinians. thousands of palestinians gathered for the funeral. some of the them started throwing rocks at forces. troops responded with tear gas. the body of the 16-year-old palestinian boy was discovered on wednesday.
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the body reportedly had wounds raising widespread suspicion that his death ways revenge killing. last month three israeli teenagers were kidnapped in the west bank. their bodies were found monday. israelis say hamas is responsible for murdering them. japanese government officials are trying to craft a grand design for the country's future. they have adopted a blueprint for the nation's development through 2050. the plan focuses on linking major cities to increase their international competitiveness. it aims to create a super mega region with high-speed train services. the next generation train is expected to go into full service by 2045. they are expected to be up graded and connected. the blueprint addresses the concern that many communities in
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japan could disappear in the population continues to dwindle. experts forecast the population in 60% of the areas will be more than halved by 2050. the plan proposes setting up local hubs which provide medical, educational and other essential services in rural areas and strengthening traffic links among the cities. please say low blood sugar may have been responsible for two recent traffic accidents. experts are advising diabetics to take extra caution when they drive. three people were injured on monday when a man drove the wrong way on a busy street in osaka. they arrested the diver on charges of dangerous driving resulting in injury. investigators say his medical condition may have contributed to the accident. the man told investigators he got hungry and ate sweets but
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lost consciousness while driving. another accident in osaka on thursday involved a 49-year-old man with low blood sugar. he lost focus and allowed his car to run into another vehicle waiting at a crossing. >> translator: sometimes diabetics using insulin get caught in a traffic jam and can't have a meal. they should always have candies, juice with sugar or doses of glucose near the driver's seat. >> if diabetics suffer symptoms of low blood sugar, they should immediately stop driving. now the latest on the soccer world cup. germany and france went to brazil in hopes of repeating their past victories. they faced off in rio.
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germany scored the opening goal in the 13th minute. he headed the ball off a left side free kick. it glanced off the bottom of the bar and hit the back of the net. france and germany fought to score in the second half, but neither got through. fra france nearly equalized but they were held off. germany held off until the final whistle. the day's other action involved brazil facing off guesten columbia. brazil's captain opened the scoring in the 7th minute. he swept the ball in from the left side corner.
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brazil added a goal to their lead. clen column k then columbia converted and scored. the colombias couldn't catch up. the brazilians beat them 2-1. brazil faces germany next. they are through to the semifinals for the fourth world cup in a row. the brazilians are through for the first time since 2002. people in brazil are not just celebrating soccer. 200,000 are expected at a festival of japanese culture and cuisine. japanese brazilians are hosting through days of festivities. they have been doing this for the past 16 years. they have seen the festival grow into the biggest japanese event outside japan. food fans can try regional specialties. some of their favorites are grilled salted herring.
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>> translator: i came because i want to try the kind of regional japanese cuisine we can't usually eat. >> visitors are getting a taste of traditional japanese music. anyone wearing the national strip of japan gets in for free. here is the three-day selected f forecast for selected cities.
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thank you for joining us.
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welcome to "cool japan." what's's today's cheem in. >> the season for big appetites has arrived. today we are going to introduce a popular food in japan. >> we have features everything from sushi to rice. there is more. today's theme is beef. >> beef? just beef? >> yes. it's a perfect opportunity to show everyone the unique quality of japanese beef. >> i don't quite get it. anyway, let's begin. this is "cool japan."


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